Difference Between Manual & Automatic Transmission

The key difference between these two transmission models is that a manual transmission requires you to do more work when the vehicle is in motion. … An automatic transmission, on the other hand, does the grunt work for you, changing gears fluidly as you push on the gas pedal.

What are the differences in driving style?

● Manual – The driver is engaged in shifting the gears.
● Automatic – The car shifts the gears automatically.
● Driving a manual shift is known by many drivers to be more engaging and fun. Manual handling typically allows better driver control over powerful vehicles and may also offer better control in poor weather conditions.
● However, manual driving can be difficult in congested traffic conditions because it can require a lot of shifting of gears and handling of the clutch pedal.
● An automatic can make the stop-and-start style of city driving easier to manage.
● Parents prefer an automatic transmission because it requires less interaction and is less stressful for the driver.


While the process of how a transmission works is complex, it can be summarized pretty easily: it involves applying the power created by the engine toward driving the vehicle. Each transmission has a certain number of speeds, and you must stay within that speed range unless you shift gears.


With each passing year, more and more vehicles are incorporating automatic transmissions and less with manual transmissions. Why is this? It’s due largely to the main aspects of the two that separate them from each other. In a manual transmission, you’re changing the transmission speed yourself. This requires a bit more alertness than driving an automatic, which will change gears on its own as you increase or decrease speeds. The manual has a gear shift which will allow you to physically choose which transmission speed you’re in based on your speed. The clutch pedal is also included in a manual since you need to have your foot on that while you switch speeds.

If you’re not sure how to drive a manual transmission, it may be wise to keep things easy and stick to an automatic. Manuals tend to cost a bit less than automatics, but they might be complicated to operate unless you have experience driving them. 

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